ERGaR welcomes ACT Commodities and bmp greengas as new members

Berlin, February 2018 –  The ERGaR General Assembly welcomed BMP Greengas (DE) and ACT Commodities B.V. (NL) as associated members, during the board meeting on the 21st of February 2018, held in Berlin.

ACT Commodities is one of the world’s leading trading houses in the worldwide environmental commodity markets. Founded in 2009 as one of the first companies to pursue this market, they are now one of the largest specialist firms for trading carbon emissions, biofuels, renewable energy and energy efficiency. This is complemented with widespread activity in the oil and petroleum markets, which expand our scope covering the intertwined world of energy and fuel commodities.

bmp greengas is one of the market leaders in the wholesale and distribution of biomethane and the expert for green gases. For more than 10 years the company has been a partner for the reliable transport, smooth balancing and fail-safe supply of green gases. bmp greengas buys, bundles and sells biomethane from a wide variety of producers and of differing qualities. In this way, the company has established a diversified biomethane portfolio and supports its customers with conversion to regenerative gases for use in combined heat and power generation, thermal or material use, or in the field of mobility, while offering fail-safe delivery and every available gas quality.