ERGaR at the Biogas Convention and Energy Decentral Expo (13-16/11/2018)

Hanover, November 2018 – Biogas flexible, safe, future-oriented – The motto of the BIOGAS Convention 2018 in Hanover, Germany. Two days of conferences, four days of EnergyDecentral (with BIOGAS exhibition) and one day of excursions make together a varied agenda.

Making the transport carbon-neutral? Easily done with biomethane! This sustainable fuel will be already used in several projects worldwide contributing to the sustainable future of both the mobility and the energy sector. Though, the successful project realization requires bringing all the ingredients together: proper legal framework, advanced technologies, exploring new markets, carbon utilization. Only then can biomethane be recognized by the political decision-makers and the end-users as an advanced fuel and promising energy carrier.

ERGaR was represented at the exhibition and presented its endeavours to develop an integrated European biomethane market during the “Biomethane Workshop” of the conference.