ERGaR welcomes three new members: Gas.BE, VUE naturemade – Association for Environmentally Sound Energy, NEDGIA

Brussels, December 2018 – The ERGaR General Assembly welcomed Gas.BE (BE), VUE naturemade (CH) and NEDGIA (ES) as full members during the General Assembly on the 7th of December 2018, held in Brussels

Gas.BE is the Association of the Belgian Gas System Operators with the main objectives i) to promote and facilitate the use of gas as energy carrier and ii) to establish a biomethane registry in Belgium. sees its mission in ensuring the safety of in-house and other gas installations, promoting natural gas’ energetic efficiency and the eco-friendly character. It is promoting gaseous and fluid natural and renewable gas.


VUE naturemade – Association for Environmentally Sound Energy

Established in 1999, the VUE Association for Environmentally Sound Energy currently has more than 160 members, including environmental and consumer organisations, companies and organisations from the energy sector, and large consumers of energy.

VUE owns the energy quality label “naturemade”, which promotes new renewable energies and stands for credible ecological energy products. In addition to electricity and heat, naturemade certifies ecologically produced Biogas from waste substrates.



NEDGIA was launched by Gas Natural Fenosa as new brand for its gas distribution business in Spain. NEDGIA continues to lead the gas sector in Spain, by focusing on expansion and innovative solutions to ensure that supply reaches over 10.7 million users, through over 5.3 million points to which it supplies.