European Registry

Towards one European Registry

ERGaR welcomes new European Registries

The European Renewable Gas Registry is based on the cooperation of the national renewable gas registries. ERGaR will support the establishment of such registries in every European country and will endeavour to incorporate all national registries into its scheme.

The procedures of ERGaR are agreed applying the knowledge and the experience of operating national registries through harmonisation and cooperation. The voluntary schemes issuing from this process will be operated in a professional, independent and transparent manner, without following the interest of any single economic operator.

A system of audit and independent inspections secures the accuracy and reliability of the data transferred cross-border within the ERGaR system.


ERGaR tracks the chain of custody of renewable gas

Within the ERGaR voluntary scheme mass balancing is the methodology applied to trace virtually the chain of custody of renewable gas distributed along the gas network of Europe. The operation of a mass balance system enables monetising the intrinsic (“bio”) value of exported renewable gas without explicitly tracking the physical cross-border movements.


Basic principles of a European Registry

The evolution of the ERGaR works will be carried out following some essential principles:

  • The European gas network is considered as a single logistical facility;
  • Application of the mass balancing of renewable gas in a professional, neutral and transparent manner;
  • Transfer of sustainability characteristics of each individual renewable gas consignment in the cross-border trade;
  • Jointly agreed procedures for issuing and cancelling Certificate of Origin for consignments with export destinations.

European Certificate of Origin

The core documents used in ERGaR – the European Certificate of Origin (CoO) – contains all information required by the different categories of consumers in the importing countries.

The electronic document used to transfer information related to individual renewable gas consignments will be gathered in a virtual database allowing to track the cross-boarder transfer of respective certificates. The content and attributes of the European Renewable Gas CoOs will correspond to the harmonised view of the national registries and contain the minimum information necessary for acceptance of the consignment into the European mass balancing administration.

The consignment need to be declared for export consignment by the national registries and correspondingly the domestic Certificate of Origin issued for the same consignment (if any) cancelled.  In other terms, that means that the injection into the European gas network has been duly confirmed and at the same time the consignment has not been taken into account in the country of production for the purposes of:


  • Measuring compliance with the requirements of the RED concerning national targets;
  • Measuring compliance with renewable energy obligations;
  • Eligibility for financial support for the consumption of biofuels.