About ERGaR

About ERGaR

The mission of ERGaR is to enable cross-border transfer of certification for renewable gases

The main purpose and structure of the European Renewable Gas Registry (ERGaR) is independence, transparency and trustworthiness, and the members of the organisation come from all over Europe. ERGaR provides a central contact in Brussels through a general secretariat.

ERGaR is establishing an independent, transparent and trustworthy documentation scheme for mass balancing of biomethane (biogas upgraded to natural gas quality) and other renewable gases distributed along the European gas network. Thanks to the experience of national registries, the documentation system will enable cross-border transfer of certificates for renewable gases via the European natural gas network while preventing double sale and double counting, made possible via providing a technical hub and documentation for cross-boarder transfer of sustainable certification (Certificates of Origin).

The injected renewable gas gets blended with natural gas in the pipelines and the molecules of fossil and renewable origin cannot be differentiated anymore. Hence, mass balancing with appropriate documentation is the optimum solution to track the renewable fuel in the natural gas system.

In December 2017, ERGaR has applied for the recognition by the European Commission of such a system as a voluntary scheme in accordance with the Renewable Energy Directive, Fuel Quality Directive and other related legislative documents. The documentation currently is under negotiation with the European Commission.

Structure of ERGaR

ERGaR consists of a Secretariat and an elected Executive Board. The Secretariat is based in Brussels.

The ERGaR Secretary General is responsible for the management of the association. Dr. Attila Kovacs is Senior Advisor to ERGaR.

The ERGaR Executive Board is the main body of the Association which coordinates its activities. Currently, there are 9 Board Members from different European countries.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is elected by the Members during the General Assembly.

To access the ERGaR Statutes, please click here.