Our Members

ERGaR counts renewable gas registries, renewable gas industry associations, gas DSOs/TSOs and natural gas industry partners amongst its members. Beyond these categories, the association welcomes stakeholders of the European renewable gas industry to join its activities and to participate to the development of a documentation system applicable all over Europe.

ACT helps organizations hit their climate targets, no matter how ambitious. Since founding in 2009, they have become a reliable partner for high-impact climate projects that generate carbon credits, energy efficiency projects and certificates, experts in renewable electricity and gas markets, renewable fuels, and emission allowances.

ACT’s Amsterdam, New York, Shanghai, and Paris teams deliver tailor-made solutions backed up by extensive market knowledge. Since the beginning of the energy transition, they have been early adopters, constantly finding new products and participating in new markets. This has given them the knowledge to serve clients better. In shaping environmental markets, ACT enables its partners to pursue sustainable futures 

AFS Energy


AFS Energy provides clients with suitable and tailor made renewable energy solutions. Our highly skilled multi-language energy team has great in-depth knowledge and experience about green gas, renewable power, energy efficiency and biofuel certificates.

AFS Energy offers its clients market access, liquidity, latest market information, brokering, structuring and portfolio management services. AFS Energy has extensive experience in European green gas heating, transport and biogas-to-electricity markets and connecting green gas markets throughout Europe. Clients include utilities, producers and end-clients.

AFS Energy is a subsidiary of AFS Group, for over 120 years an independent full service multi asset class broker for professional parties with offices in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt and Zurich. Our head office is based in the Stock Exchange building in the heart of Amsterdam. Nowadays, 90 professionals serve over 2000 clients.

AGCS Gas Clearing & Settlement AG, has been the Austrian balance group coordinator and clearing agent in gas in the market area East in Austria since 2001.

Based on metering data and schedules, AGCS calculates the balancing energy volumes for hourly and daily based balance groups and clears the volumes with the respective balance group responsible parties on the Austrian gas market.

As a central and independent clearing agent, AGCS is responsible for the delivery and obtainment of physical balancing energy via the Austrian gas exchange CEGH. In addition to the exchange volumes, AGCS is organising hourly auctions for physical balancing energy (merit order list).

AGCS and its partners do have a huge pooled know-how to support the market participants according to the challenges in a liberalised gas market. Therefore, AGCS has also been chosen as the operation agent for the Biomethane Registry Austria which has been operational since 2012. As such, AGCS creates biomethane Certificates on a monthly basis and enables the transfer nationally between registered market participants. Additionally, AGCS and the German registry operated by dena have started a cooperation on exchanges biomethane Certificates in 2016. AGCS also operates an interface with the Austrian Registry for Biofuels, operated by the Austrian Environmental Agency (UBA Umweltbundesamt).

AB Amber Grid


Amber Grid is a Lithuanian gas transmission system operator, a state-owned enterprise, which ensures reliable and safe transmission of gas by high pressure piping to the system users. The company owns more than 2000 km gas transmission pipelines and 2 compressor stations in Lithuania. Amber Grid operates the National Register of Guarantees of Origin of renewable gas which was established in 2019. The development of renewable energy sources, such as green gas, brings closer to Lithuania’s aim of becoming the country of green energy.

bmp greengas


bmp greengas is one of the market leaders in the wholesale and distribution of biomethane and the expert for green gases – with a market share of 25% and an annual portfolio volume of more than 3 TWh. Since 2007, the company has been a partner for the reliable transport, smooth balancing and fail-safe supply of green gases.

bmp greengas buys, bundles and sells biomethane from a wide variety of producers and of differing qualities. In this way, the company has established a diversified biomethane portfolio and supports its customers with conversion to regenerative gases for use in combined heat and power generation, thermal or material use, or in the field of mobility, while offering fail-safe delivery and every available gas quality.

bmp greengas is a founding member of dena’s biogas register, and provides its customers with a record of the quantities and qualities of green gas fed into the natural gas grid. As a subsidiary of Erdgas Südwest GmbH, it is an EnBW Group company, with its declared corporate goal being to work together for a green future. This is why bmp greengas continues to focus on climate-friendly innovations, and is expanding its portfolio with new green gas products and services throughout Europe. In this way, customers’ requirements for clean and sustainable energy management are met at all times. 

Centrica Energy Marketing & Trading 


Centrica Energy Marketing & Trading (EM&T) is the trading arm of Centrica. They trade gas, power and energy attributes – and connect independent pro­ducers, suppliers and corporate off-takers in the wholesale energy markets.

Their third-party clients are provided with the best energy route-to-market services. This is made possible through integrating sophisticated software, structuring and optimizing exposures from long term risk management and into executing physical trading seconds before delivery.

Centrica EM&T has over 14 GW third-party power generation assets contracted across Europe, with more than 85% of these consisting of renewable energy – and in 2020, managed approximately 20% of the Corporate Power Purchase Agreement market in Europe.

Currently, they trade power across 24 European countries and gas across 16 countries. Around 600 people work in the Centrica EM&T offices in London, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway & Singapore.

CFP Energy


CFP Energy is a leading provider of energy and environmental solutions, specialised in working with large and complex consumers. They partner with their clients to enable the transition to a low-carbon future, by providing an integrated toolkit of technology-enabled solutions combined with best-in-class advisory and support. Their long-standing experience enables them to guide businesses through this transition in a way that makes sense for the business – tailoring to budget, constraints, and climate goals. CFP Energy understands the need for systemic change and continual improvement whilst providing both environmental and transitional products that enable businesses to thrive today and adapt for tomorrow.



CIB (Italian Biogas and Gasification Consortium) is the first voluntary group that brings together manufacturers of biogas, biomethane and syngas from renewable sources, business or industrial companies which supply equipment and technology, bodies and institutions that contribute in various ways to achieve social purposes in Italy. CIB was formed in 2009. It is the national reference point for the supply of data and information in the biogas, biomethane and gasification sector. CIB is founding member of EBA, European Biogas Association, that aggregate the most important biogas and biomethane associations in Europe. Today CIB aggregates about 600 ordinary members (plants), 49 company members (manufacturers of biogas and biomethane plants), 11 institutions and 67 partners (companies operating in the world of biogas and biomethane).

Danish Bio Commodities


Founded in 2019, Danish Bio Commodities works in close collaboration with biogas producers on a transparent, sustainable, and long-term market for guarantees of origin from biomethane. We match the demand from European intermediaries and consumers with the production profile from associated biogas producers. Danish Bio Commodities’ sister company DBC Invest is shareholder in a growing portfolio of biogas plants and optimizes the operation and production via advice within biomass sourcing, biology, projects, and new technologies.

Danish Bio Commodities A/S is owned by actors from the agriculture, forestry, energy and biomethane sectors: VestJyllands Andel A.m.b.a, Jysk Energi A/S, LEF A/S and HedeDanmark A/S.

Danske Commodities


Danske Commodities is a leading energy trading house. Danske Commodities trade power and gas across borders and use its market knowledge and 24-hour trading setup to support our customers through tailor-made services targeting renewable producers, conventional assets and energy suppliers.



dena is Germany’s centre of expertise for energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and intelligent energy systems. As Agency for Applied Energy Transition we help achieve energy and climate policy objectives by developing solutions and putting them into practice, both nationally and internationally. In order to do this, we bring partners from politics and business together, across sectors. dena’s shareholders are the Federal Republic of Germany and the KfW Group. dena operates the German biomethane registry „Biogasregister Deutschland“ in which the majority of biomethane GoOs from Germany are documented every year.



Founded in February 2009, the European Biogas Association (EBA) has been the leading European association in the field of biogas and biomethane production covering the anaerobic digestion and gasification industries. Committed to the active promotion of the deployment of sustainable biogas and biomethane production and use throughout Europe, EBA has created a wide network of national organisations, scientific institutes and companies. EBA has 37 national associations and 51 companies as members, representing over 7,100 stakeholders in the biogas/biomethane industry of 25 European countries.

EBA is a non-profit international association registered in Belgium with offices in the Renewable Energy House in Brussels.

Enagás S.A.


Enagás is Spain’s leading natural gas infrastructure company and Technical Manager of the Spanish gas system. It has around 12,000 km of gas pipelines, three underground storage facilities in Serrablo (Huesca), Gaviota (Vizcaya) and Yela (Guadalajara) and four regasification plants in Barcelona, Huelva, Cartagena and Gijón. It also owns 50% of the BBG regasification plant in Bilbao and 72.5% of the Sagunto plant. In addition, Enagás holds the 100% of Gascan, a company in charge of the project to introduce natural gas into the Canary Islands. Since Enagás came to market in 2002, it has formed part of the Ibex 35 index. Enagás is accredited as an independent TSO by the European Union and carries out its activities in eight different countries. It currently has a free float of 95%, one of the highest on the Spanish continuous market. Enagás is committed to work for the development of renewable gases (biomethane and hydrogen) in the Spanish market.

Energie 360° AG


Energie 360° is a natural gas distributor in Switzerland, it supplies private and business customers with natural gas and biomethane blends.

Energie 360° and its roughly 220 employees are committed to a future-oriented energy policy. Through environmentally friendly energy sources, customised energy services, and smart innovations, the company and its customers together can make significant steps toward a sustainable energy future.


Energinet is the Danish power and gas transmission system operator owned by the Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate. As an independent public undertaking, Energinet is committed to ensuring a high level of security of supply, a healthy investment climate and an efficient green energy system transition. Energinet has 900 employees, owns and operates 7.000 km high voltage power grid, 900 km gas transmission pipelines and two underground gas storages. Energinet operates the Danish renewable gas certificate registry which was established in 2011 with the first biomethane injected to the grid. Since then, the production of biomethane has increased significantly and is estimated to reach 10% of the Danish gas consumption in 2018. Energinet has since 2013 cooperated with European renewable gas certificate registries to enable increased cross border trade and develop a European biomethane market.

ENGIE Global Energy Management


As a green and global midstreamer, ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales sources biomethane on a long-term basis from hundreds of producers to help their clients in their decarbonization journey.

ENGIE’s experience in short and long-term renewable corporate PPAs and risk transformation expertise enables them to design with their clients renewable gas agreements like BPAs (for Biomethane Purchase Agreements). Producers can secure their production of their assets through a BPA, while consumers benefit from tailor-made contracts, choosing their mixes, maturity, while even being able to trace and certify their sourcing through guarantees of origin and/or proofs of sustainability.

Fachverband BIOGAS


Fachverband Biogas e.V. (FvB) unites operators, manufacturers and planners of biogas plants, representatives from science and research and all those interested in the industry. Since its establishment in 1992, the association, which currently has more than 4,900 members, has become Europe’s most influential and independent organisation in the field of biogas. It campaigns for the increased use of biogas technology through political lobbying at EU, national and state level. Furthermore, it encourages the exchange of biogas-related information and knowledge, for instance by collecting, evaluating and spreading knowledge of scientific findings and practical experience, or by means of conferences, exhibitions and other events.

FvB closely works with international organisations like Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) as well as the European Biogas Association, for which it also acted as founding member. As a consequence, FvB actively promotes and stimulates international experience exchange.

FvB has excellent expertise and knowledge in all biogas related topics and collaborates in almost all official German bodies and many international ones where standards for biogas plants are discussed, developed and defined. is the Association of the Belgian Gas System Operators with the main objectives i) to promote and facilitate the use of gas as energy carrier and ii) to establish a biomethane registry in Belgium. sees its mission in ensuring the safety of in-house and other gas installations, promoting natural gas’ energetic efficiency and the eco-friendly character. It is promoting gaseous and fluid natural and renewable gas.

Gas Networks Ireland


Gas Networks Ireland operates and maintains Ireland’s €2.7bn, 14,664km national gas network, which is considered one of the safest and most modern renewables-ready gas networks in the world.

Over 720,000 Irish homes and businesses are connected to the gas network which supplies more than 30% of Ireland’s total energy, including 40% of all heating and almost 50% of the country’s electricity generation.

By working to replace natural gas with renewable gases, and complementing intermittent renewable electricity, Gas Networks Ireland is supporting Ireland’s journey to a cleaner energy future.

GO2 – Markets


Founded in 2013, GO2 Markets is in the business of combating climate change while offering market insight and comprehensive renewable energy solutions, GO2 Markets puts their best foot forward in order to make this world a cleaner and more sustainable place. They understand their clients environmental impact, design sustainability strategies and take climate action.



With expertise in the gas sector and a key actor of the energy transition, GRDF is the main natural gas distribution system operator in France. Daily, GRDF fulfills its public service mission by distributing natural gas to 11 million customers, through the largest distribution network in Europe (197,928 km). By guaranteeing the safety of people and assets as well as quality of service, GRDF conceives, operates and ensures the maintenance of the network in more than 9,528 municipalities. Working side by side with local authorities towards the energy transition, GRDF endeavors to make the network into an industrial tool that continues to outperform itself, from the integration of biomethane today, to the rolling out of new uses for gas, such as Natural Gas Vehicle, and the storage of renewable energies, in synergy with other networks, tomorrow.

Landwärme GmbH


Landwärme is a Germany-based biomethane supplier and services provider active in Europe. Founded in 2007, Landwärme was among the first to engage in the German biomethane market. Besides the planning and operation of biogas upgrading plants, Landwärme consults customers along the entire biomethane value chain. The trade and supply of biomethane thereby constitute the company’s core competences. Landwärme delivers certified biomethane in all quantities and qualities from its own comprehensive gas portfolio. Landwärme supplies more than 100 energy providers, public utilities, and natural gas fuelling stations with biomethane – for its application in the heating and electricity market, or the transportation sector. Regarding international trading, activities with Denmark, Switzerland, Hungary and other European countries have started over the last couple of years, and there is more to be expected in the future.

MET International AG


MET International AG (METI) was established in 2010 in order to consolidate and develop MET Group’s international natural gas sales and purchase portfolio, as well as to establish a trading arm for commodity lines.

In its internal role, METI optimizes Group positions through border point transactions and provides an internal market of physical and financial products for Group entities. Externally METI represents the Group on liquid trading hubs and border points, and is responsible for trading and cross border business development.

METI is responsible for providing highly competitive supply structures to its gas and power sales affiliates, originating additional positions on the European wholesale and the international LNG markets, as well as trading around international positions. Besides being the business consolidator of the entire MET Group, METI is the sole interface and trading arm towards Western European markets via natural gas and power trading on liquid trading hubs, wholesale origination and logistics services.

METI’s business embraces all activities from trading and wholesale to logistic services, providing short and long term flexible and flat products to its customers. The Company’s aim is to offer a flexible and reliable service for business partners through continuous quality control and innovative development.

Nature Energy


Nature Energy A/S produces natural gas, biogas and energy solutions on a national scale. The company provides consultancy for private operators as well as for companies which wishes a more efficient energy utilisation. The company services 55,000 customers around the country, which includes both private and business customers. Furthermore, Nature Energy is a leading producer of biomethane for the Danish gas grid – at large scale biogas facilities.

Nature Energy has clear goals in development and operation of many new and similar, large scale biogas facilities. Nature Energy is a key player in developing the Danish biogas sector with comprehensive know-how in biogas project development, operation of biogas plants, sourcing of sustainable biomass and gas trading. With solid business principles we intend to extend our biogas activities to other counties in Europe.



NEDGIA, the gas distribution company of the Naturgy Energy Group, is a leader in the distribution of natural gas in Spain. The company provides service to about 70% of all consumers in Spain: more than 5.4 million supply points and more than 52,400 kilometers of networks in 1,200 Spanish municipalities.

NEDGIA works on the expansion of natural gas distribution networks and is committed to renewable gas development and new uses, including the implementation of sustainable mobility with natural and renewable gas.

Nordion Energi


Nordion Energi is a leading energy and infrastructure company with its operating base in southern and western Sweden.

Through our expertise and experience we are powering the energy transition that is taking place in industry and among private consumers. Nordion Energi currently owns Swedegas and Weum. Swedegas is an infrastructure company that owns the gas transmission network in south-west Sweden, and Weum is the country’s largest gas distributor.

Nordion Energi ensures there are favourable conditions in place to facilitate green gas trading and the input of green gas into the system.

Pavilion Energy Spain. S.A.U.


Pavilion Energy, is a fully integrated energy business headquartered in Singapore and with a growing presence in Europe. It encompasses a downstream supply and marine business; global LNG trading, shipping and optimisation; upstream investments as well as energy hedging and financial solutions.

Pavilion Energy started its European activities in late 2019, we are headquartered in Madrid and with a clear wholesale business orientation. As an advocate for LNG and natural gas as fuels of choice, we are driving energy transition efforts towards a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Proman AG


Proman is an integrated energy company and the world’s second largest methanol producer.   Headquartered in Switzerland, with offices across Europe, production assets in the United States, Trinidad and Oman, and ongoing expansion into Mexico, Canada and the UAE, Proman is a global leader in methanol, fertilizer and other products such as melamine. Proman has extensive experience in project management, petrochemical plant construction and operations, marketing and logistics, and shipping.  Proman is committed to developing lower-carbon and green methanol and ammonia as cleaner alternatives to conventional fossil fuels, offering a pathway to drastically cutting emissions in a range of sectors including transport and heavy industry.



Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL) is part of the UK’s largest renewable energy trade association – The Renewable Energy Association. REAL operates a number of schemes in the renewables sector in the UK including the Green Gas Certification Scheme (GGCS). The GGCS was set up in 2011 in anticipation of the introduction of the renewable heat incentive to support biomethane injection. It is now the largest green gas certification scheme operating in the UK with over 45 members.

Renewable Energy Services B.V.



RES is the Renewable Energy Service Provider for B2B customers. Together with our customers we strive to reduce carbon emissions by supplying renewable energy from a decentralized basis of production facilities within Europa, structure energy contracts with detailed insights in energy performances and invest in new innovative value chains for biofuels.

Renewable Gas Forum Ireland


The RGFI welcomes the collaboration between all recognised European renewable gas representative groups in the ERGaR initiative. The development of renewable gas industry in Europe as a key enabler to providing a better environment through renewable gas as a low (zero) carbon alternative fuel for use in domestic, manufacturing & processing sector, power generation (CCGT) and transport.

The Renewable Gas Forum Ireland (RGFI) represents the interests of those involved in the renewable gas supply chain across the island of Ireland, both north and south. RGFI is committed to influencing, supporting and delivering policies and initiatives that promote the development of the renewable gas industry in Ireland as an economically viable and environmentally sustainable component of the overall energy mix.  The RGFI advocates for large gas consumers to switch to renewable gas as the most cost-effective option to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

Shell Energy Europe Ltd


Shell Energy Europe provides businesses with advanced and high-value solutions for energy assets and commodities, including natural gas, power and environmental products, across a broad range of European markets. As part of the global network of Shell Trading, they are active across all stages of the energy value chain from production, transport and storage to trading, sales and customer service.

Their expertise, dedicated services and scale enable them to offer their customers market access and supply, optimisation of energy assets and energy management. Shell Energy Europe also provides single and cross-commodity solutions, including a growing portfolio of renewable energy sources and voluntary carbon credits.

STX Services


STX started in 2005 as brokerage firm for carbon offsetting and became quickly one of the leading players in the European environmental commodity markets. The mission of STX is to facilitate trades by sharing information, provide market access and create liquidity for all market participants.

STX works closely together with a client portfolio of more than 2,000 corporations all around Europe. The major environmental commodity markets – where STX Services is often acting as market leader – are biofuels, green electricity, energy efficiency, waste and biomethane.
As the first broker in the German as well as European biomethane market, STX not only helps its customers to improve the sourcing and sales of biomethane, but also generates European arbitrage opportunities for its customers.

Whether national subsidy schemes, the transportation sector or increasingly also voluntary applications, STX can advise and help to structure deals to maximise values.

Uniper Global Commodities SE


With their commodities trading business sitting at the heart of their power and gas portfolio, Uniper optimizes and dispatches their generation assets, guides their gas business (transport, storage, and wholesale marketing) and manages risk. Uniper Global Commodities SE has detailed knowledge of international markets in which they operate: interconnection capacities, gas flows, price differences between regions, correlation between commodities, regulatory regimes and the impact of weather and other factors on the production and consumption of energy. Their seasoned traders design strategies to optimize the value of their assets, to hedge commodity price risks, and to ensure that their enterprise partners and customers have a reliable supply of energy.



As of 2023, Vertogas and CertiQ have merged to create VertiCer, the focal point for for issuing Guarantees and Certificates of Origin for electricity, renewable thermal energy, green gas, and hydrogen. By combining the strengths and knowledge of Vertogas and CertiQ, the company creates a solid partner for the certification of all energy carriers.
The VertiCer certification system guarantees insight into the origin, technology and quality of sustainable energy. For a successful transition to a sustainable future, this certification is essential for the producer, end user and everyone in between. As an independent institute, VertiCer forms the foundation for all parties involved.

VUE naturemade – Association for Environmentally Sound Energy


Established in 1999, the VUE Association for Environmentally Sound Energy currently has more than 160 members, including environmental and consumer organisations, companies and organisations from the energy sector, and large consumers of energy.

VUE owns the energy quality label “naturemade”, which promotes new renewable energies and stands for credible ecological energy products. In addition to electricity and heat, naturemade certifies ecologically produced Biogas from waste substrates.



VSG (the Swiss Association of Gas Industry) is the national business association of Swiss gas suppliers. It represents the interests of Swiss gas suppliers on the national and international level, promoting the sustainable qualities of natural gas and renewable gas (injection of biomethane into the gas grid or the methanisation of solar and wind power). VSG operates the Swiss biomethane registry (“Clearingstelle”) with a mandate of the Federal Customs Authority.