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The European Renewable Gas Registry

ERGaR is founded as a cooperation between European registries of biomethane certificates that will enable cross border trade of biomethane certificates among the member registries.

Biomethane is biogas upgraded to natural gas quality and the cooperation aims at creating an independent, transparent and trustworthy documentation scheme for mass balancing of biomethane distributed along the European natural gas network.

ERGaR will also provide for cross-border transfer of sustainability characteristics attached to the consignments and enable producers in countries without a registry to trade biomethane across Europe.

ERGaR will be the Europe-wide recognised organisation for administering and mass balancing volumes of renewable gases virtually distributed along the European natural gas network. The organisation brings together national biomethane registries expertise to elaborate on a joint basis for issuing and cancelling guarantees of origin for consignments with export destinations.

ERGaR seeks recognition as a voluntary scheme under the Renewable Energy Directive.


Renewable gas in the future

By 2050, renewable gas such as biomethane will be produced in thousands of new installations applying updated and new technologies from all kind of organic wastes, by products and other renewable raw materials. Renewable gas will provide the green component of the fuel blend with natural gas distributed through the European gas network. Renewable gas will be used in every European country for generating electricity, heating and cooling and as a biofuel in the transport sector.


Contact Us

Contact Us

To contact the ERGaR Secretariat in Brussels, please refer to:

Stefanie Königsberger
Assistant Secretary General
Rue d’Arlon 63-65
1040 Brussels, Belgium
+32 24 00 10 87
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