The European Renewable Gas Registry (ERGaR) is the European association dedicated to facilitating cross-border trade in renewable gas certificates.

It was established in Ghent on 28/09/2016 by national renewable gas registries and industry representatives aiming to enable cross-border transactions. Next to facilitating cross-border trade, ERGaR functions today as the European association for all stakeholders in the biomethane certification supply chain.

ERGaR currently has 44 members from 14 European registries. This membership includes national registries, gas Distribution System Operators/Transmission System Operators (DSO/TSOs), environmental commodities traders, renewable energy consultants and trade associations.

ERGaR serves as a trusted intermediary between its members and relevant decision makers including EU institutionsEuropean Institutions, actively participating in consultations that may directly or indirectly impact the industry. Additionally, ERGaR collaborates closely with other industry stakeholders to champion and advance the cause of cross-border trade in renewable gas certificates.

The EU set as a target for 2030, the production of 35 billion cubic meters of biomethane, and ERGaR is committed to contributing to achieving that goal.

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