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METHAREN is an innovation actions project funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe program. It aims to demonstrate a cost-effective, innovative, more sustainable and circular biomethane production system enabling renewable energy sources intermittency management.

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REGATRACE (Renewable GAs TRAde Centre in Europe) aimed to create an efficient trade system based on issuing and trading biomethane/renewable gases Guarantees of Origin (GoO). This will strongly contribute to the uptake of the European common biomethane market. It will be achieved by setting up a European biomethane/renewable gases GoO system, by setting up national GoO issuing bodies, by integrating GoO from different renewable gas technologies with electric and hydrogen GoO systems, through integrated assessment and sustainable feedstock mobilisation strategies and technology synergies, through support for biomethane market uptake, and by transferring the results beyond the project’s countries.

A stable, reliable and common market for biomethane and other renewable gases in Europe can help achieve EU political targets and decouple its energy systems from fossil fuels: biomethane/renewable gases can be produced from waste or residual streams of organic material and they can be transmitted and stored in existing infrastructures, making it possible to combine the European natural gas and electricity grids.

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BIOSURF Deliverables

The objective of BIOSURF (BIOmethane as SUstainable and Renewable Fuel) is to increase the production and use of biomethane (from animal waste, other waste materials and sustainable biomass), for grid injection and as transport fuel, by removing non-technical barriers and by paving the way towards a European biomethane market.


  • Comprehensive guidelines for establishing national biomethane registries BIOSURF-D3.1
  • Technical-administrative proposal to EC for declaring natural gas network as a single, closed mass-balancing system with respect to biomethane cross-border transactions BIOSURF-D3.2
  • Guidelines for creating the European Biomethane Guarantees of Origin BIOSURF-D3.3
  • Technical-economic analysis for determining the feasibility threshold for tradable biomethane certificates BIOSURF-D3.4
  • Market survey on determining the market accepted threshold for the value of tradable biomethane certificates BIOSURF-D3.5
  • Proposal for the establishment of national and European biomethane certificate trading platforms BIOSURF-D3.6
  • Report on the practical experiences with the application of the European biomethane standards BIOSURF-D3.7
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