Membership benefits

Being a member of ERGaR has various benefits. It allows an organization to be up-to-date on the details on European initiatives related to biomethane certification. Moreover, it provides the the opportunity to interact in a forum with the entire value chain, from national registries, to gas DSOs/TSOs, traders as well as other trade associations and stakeholders in the biomethane market. Additionally, ERGaR is a recognized voice of the industry towards the European Institutions, being consulted and contributing on a regular basis to EU policy-making alone or in coalition with other organisations.

Some of the concrete membership benefits include:

Participating in regular working group meetings with updates on key developments and exchanging experiences

Receiving a monthly newsletter with relevant policy updates

ERGaR training on renewable gas certification

Webinars on specific topics such as hydrogen certification or ETS

Access to country library

Joining Networking events at General Assembly and other events to meet traders, biogas associations and registries

Having access to the statistical report

Given the opportunity to contribute to input to EU and other relevant decision makers

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