ERGaR welcomes Uniper Global Commodities SE as new Associated Member!

Brussels, October 2022 – Uniper Global Commodities SE admitted as new Associated Member to ERGaR

ERGaR is happy to welcome Uniper Global Commodities SE as a new Associated Member to the organisation.

With their commodities trading business sitting at the heart of their power and gas portfolio, Uniper optimizes and dispatches their generation assets, guides their gas business (transport, storage, and wholesale marketing) and manages risk. Uniper Global Commodities SE has detailed knowledge of international markets in which they operate: interconnection capacities, gas flows, price differences between regions, correlation between commodities, regulatory regimes and the impact of weather and other factors on the production and consumption of energy. Their seasoned traders design strategies to optimize the value of their assets, to hedge commodity price risks, and to ensure that their enterprise partners and customers have a reliable supply of energy.

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