ERGaR welcomes Proman AG as new Associated Member!

Brussels, July 2023 – Proman AG admitted as new Associated Member to ERGaR

ERGaR is happy to welcome Proman AG as a new Associated Member to the organisation.

“Product traceability and governance play an important role in the clean energy transition, and therefore we are delighted to join ERGaR and its members in achieving the same for the cross-border trade of renewable gases in Europe. This partnership complements not only our low-carbon and renewable methanol and ammonia production ambitions worldwide, but as well our investments made into digital verification platforms”, says Tim Cornelius, Proman’s Managing Director of Corporate Development.

Proman is an integrated energy company and the world’s second largest methanol producer.  

Headquartered in Switzerland, with offices across Europe, production assets in the United States, Trinidad and Oman, and ongoing expansion into Mexico, Canada and the UAE, Proman is a global leader in methanol, fertilizer and other products such as melamine. Proman has extensive experience in project management, petrochemical plant construction and operations, marketing and logistics, and shipping.   Proman is committed to developing lower-carbon and green methanol and ammonia as cleaner alternatives to conventional fossil fuels, offering a pathway to drastically cutting emissions in a range of sectors including transport and heavy industry.

For more information, please visit their website.

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