The future of Biogenic CO2 certification

Brussels, January 2024

The European Renewable Gas Registry was represented at the BIO360 Expo in Nantes by its Secretary General, Tim Hamers, who was invited to speak on the potential certification and cross-border trade of Biogenic CO2.

Biogenic CO2 emissions are defined as CO2 emissions related to the natural carbon cycle, as well as those resulting from the combustion, harvest, combustion, digestion, fermentation, decomposition, or processing of biologically based materials, such as from the production of biogas.

The demand for Biogenic CO2 is expected to grow in the coming years and that might lead to the need of biogenic CO2 certification & potential trading market for this type of co-product. The aim of the certificates could be to create an extra income source for the producers and allow end-users to track the origin of their CO2.

ERGaR will be consulting with relevant stakeholders in the coming months in order to have a better understanding on this topic and see how it can contribute to the potential development of a certification and trading scheme that fits the needs of the market.

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