2040 Climate targets and Industrial Carbon Management

Brussels, February 2024

ERGaR welcomes the two communications issued by the European Commission last week on the 2040 Climate targets and Industrial Carbon Management.

Achieving a 90% net greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2040 compared to 1990 levels requires substantial efforts from both the industry and the public side, and ERGaR is committed to contributing to this goal by continuing to facilitate cross-border trade in renewable gas certificates.

The Industrial Carbon Management communication also proposes an ambitious target, with approximately 280 million tonnes to be captured by 2040 and around 450 million tonnes by 2050.

An important point mentions that by 2040, close to half of the CO2 that is captured annually would have to come from biogenic sources or directly from the atmosphere. ERGaR has been consulting with different stakeholders lately on the potential development of a certification framework for Biogenic CO2, and this communication only reaffirms the need to continue the work on this topic. ERGaR invites those interested in the development of a certification framework for biogenic CO2 to reach out: info@ergar.org.

2040 Climate Target Communication

Industrial Carbon Management Communication

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