ERGaR welcomes ReFuels as new Associated Member

Brussels, May 2024

ERGaR is happy to welcome ReFuels as a new Associated Member to the organisation.

ReFuels: Dedicated to decarbonising Europe’s commercial transport fleet.
ReFuels is now Europe’s leading fully integrated 100% renewable biomethane supplier – from sourcing to supply down to the dispenser nozzle.
At the upstream of the biomethane value chain, ReFuels offers long-term agreements to biomethane producers. Their approach is a testament to their commitment to profitability, designed to remain resilient amidst market volatility while remaining feasible and profitable. They believe in a win-win situation, where both parties – producer and buyer – benefit from strong market development and have balanced risk sharing.
Downstream, via their well-positioned network of bio-CNG refuelling stations for trucks, they supply biomethane to major commercial fleet operators, making a significant contribution to the decarbonisation of the transport sector and aligning with sustainability goals.

For more information, please visit their website.

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