ERGaR welcomes TGE as new Associated Member

Brussels, June 2024

ERGaR is happy to welcome Towarowa Giełda Energii S.A. (TGE) as a new Associated Member to the organisation.

Towarowa Giełda Energii (TGE – Polish Power Exchange) is a key institution on the national energy map. For nearly 25 years, it has been implementing innovative solutions in the area of wholesale trading of energy products. It is a venue where reference prices are created, and the central source of reliable market information.

The Exchange enables trading in electricity, natural gas, property rights, CO emission allowances and agri-food commodities. TGE operates under the supervision of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority as the Poland’s only licensed commodity exchange authorised to operate a regulated market. It is also featured on the ACER’s list of platforms for reporting transaction information according to REMIT requirements As an industry integrator of sorts, it ensures the security of transactions made on its markets.

TGE ranks among the top European exchanges thanks to its comprehensive and diverse offering. As part of international cooperation, TGE is involved in a number of projects aimed at building a common energy market. It is active on the European SDAC Day-Ahead Market and the SIDC Intraday Market, and boasts the status of a Nominated Electricity Market Operator (NEMO) for the Polish bidding zone.

For more information, please visit their website.

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